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behalf of the CFSMS, to review the arrangements put in place by the Contractor pursuant to Clause 10.27.


The Contractor shall promptly upon becoming aware of any suspected fraud or corruption involving the Patients or public funds, report such matter to the PCT.


The provisions of Clauses 10.26 and 10.29 shall continue following termination of the Contract for any reason whatsoever and without limit in time.



If the Contractor is to provide Essential Services under the Contract, the Contractor shall issue free of charge to a Patient or his personal  representative any medical certificate of a description prescribed in column 1 of the table below which is reasonably required under or for the purposes of the enactments specified in relation to the certificate in column 2 of the table below, except where, for the condition to which the certificate relates, the Patient:


is being attended by a medical practitioner who is not employed or engaged by the Contractor,


is not being treated by or under the supervision of a Health Care Professional.

Table – List of Prescribed Medical Certificates

Description of medical certificate

Enactment under or for the purpose of which certificate required

1.  To support a claim or to obtain payment either personally or by proxy; to prove inability to work or incapacity for self-support for the purposes of an award by the Secretary of State; or to enable proxy to draw pensions etc.

Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act 1865

Air Force (Constitution) Act 1917

Pensions (Navy, Army, Air Force and Mercantile Marine) Act 1939

Personal Injuries (Emergency Provisions) Act 1939

Pensions (Mercantile Marine) Act 1942

Polish Resettlement Act 1947

Social Security Administration Act 1992

Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992

43 Clause 10.31 and 10.32 (and the related table) are required by APMS Direction 6.    In practice, however, they are unlikely to be relevant to a contract with an out of hours provider, because they only applies where the Contractor provides Essential Services and so has a list of registered patients.

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