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holding company.


The Contractor authorises the PCT to disclose the Confidential Information to such person(s) as may be notified to the Contractor in writing by the PCT from time to time to the extent only as is necessary for the purposes of auditing and collating information so as to ascertain a realistic market price for the Services supplied in accordance with the Contract, such exercise being commonly referred to as "benchmarking".  The PCT shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that such person(s) keeps the Confidential Information confidential and does not make use of the Confidential Information except for the purpose for which the disclosure is made.  The PCT shall not without good reason claim that the lowest price available in the market is the realistic market price.


The provisions of Clauses 23.24 and 23.25 shall continue following termination of the Contract for any reason whatsoever and without limit in time.



The Contractor shall ensure that the Practice Premises are clearly designated and branded to Patients and visitors as facilities at which NHS services are to be provided.  The Contractor may use its own branding in respect of the Practice Premises and in communications with Patients provided that such branding does not dominate or conflict with the NHS branding.



The Contractor shall not enter into any arrangements for the sponsorship by any person of the Practice Premises, the Services or anything connected to this Contract without the written consent of the PCT, which the latter in its absolute discretion may withhold.

73 Although this clause is not mandatory, PCTs are encouraged to include it (or equivalent provision).  It is important that it should be clear to patients that they are receiving an NHS service, even if they are not receiving it from an NHS body.   Branding is particularly important for buildings which patients visit (e.g. primary care centres) and direct communications (e.g. letters).   Non-NHS providers may still use their own branding alongside the NHS branding, but it should not dominate the NHS branding.   For further advice see www.nhsidentity.nhs.uk - in particular see http://www.nhsidentity.nhs.uk/treatmentcentres/index.htm for an example of how NHS branding can be used for NHS services provided by non-NHS bodies.

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