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Integrated Science- Year 3 Sample Flowchart for Concept Instructional Sequence The Earth changes over time. These changes are inherently interrelated in a cause and effect fashion with changes in both abiotic and biotic systems.


Earth’s atmosphere in the past: What is the origin of the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen? ?

Students know how the composition of Earth’s atmosphere has evolved over geologic time and know the effect of outgassing, the variations of carbon dioxide concentration, and the origin of atmospheric oxygen (ES8b)

Application of the universal laws of composition, motion, and energy to specific natural phenomena, i.e., Greenhouse effect, ozone layer, photosynthetic-respiratory cycles.

How did outgassing affect the early atmosphere of the Earth?

Earth’s atmosphere over time: What are the energy changes that are the result of atmospheric changes over time?

Students know the differing greenhouse conditions on Earth, Mars, and Venus; the origins of those conditions; and the climatic consequences of each. (ES4d)

Atmospheres on other planets: How do the atmospheric conditions on Earth, Mars and Venus affect the climates of each planet?

Energy enters the Earth system primarily as solar radiation & eventually escapes as heat.

Students know the different atmospheric gases that absorb the Earth’s thermal radiation and the mechanism and significance of the greenhouse effect. (ES4c)

Earth’s atmosphere in the present and implications for the future: What effect do greenhouse gases have on the Earth’s thermal radiation?

What is the nature of the bonds of the greenhouse gases that allows them to absorb the Earth’s reflected radiation?

How has the ozone layer been affected over time?


Instruction will include:

  • -

    Revisit Year 2

Earth Science 6c and 6d

Instruction will include:

  • -

    Revisit of Year 2

Earth Science 6a

Instruction will include:

  • -

    Revisit Year 1

Chemistry 2b

Instruction will include where the ozone layer is, what the role of the ozone layer is and how the ozone layer has changed over time. Students can investigate the amount of UV that reachers the Earth by wearing UV badges

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