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Standards B9b, B9d, B9e, C1g*, C1j*, P4c

Key Questions How do we see in color?

B9a, B9f*, B9g*, B9i*, C2d, C5b, C5d

How do our bodies survive extreme conditions? How do our bodies keep us toxin free?

Topic Vision


Semester 2—Understanding the past to create a sustainable future

Required Investigation Students investigate the nature of vision and perception. Students explore osmosis as passive transport and the characteristics of cellular equilibrium.

Students and teacher explore the history of the solar system. They examine the evidence that pinpoints the formation of the solar system and its evolution through time. Students and teacher study the Earth’s energy budget and the effects of the sun on the Earth’s surface. They examine the law of conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics to better understand how to craft a sustainable future.

Topic Space Exploration

Origin of the Universe

Earth’s Energy Budget

Transportation in the Future

Nuclear Energy

Standards E1b, E1d

E1e, E2a, E2b, E2c, E2d, E2e*, E2f*, E2g*, P4c

E4a, E5d, E9a

C7a, C7d, C7e*, C7f*, C2e, C2f*, C2g*, C1h*,E4c, P5a, P5b, P5c, P5k*, P5l*, P5n*, P5o*, P3g C11a, C11b, C11c, C11d, C11e, C11f*, C11g*

Key Questions How can we use knowledge of the universe and use this information to predict future explorations of the solar system?

How do we know the origin of the universe and how can we use this information to predict the future of the universe? Can ocean currents be used to generate usable energy?

How do we build a fuel cell car? How can fuel cell technology be used to move people and products in our society?

Is nuclear energy old technology or the wave of the future?

Required Investigation Students investigate the nature of parallax and its implications for measuring distances of some astronomical objects. Students study wavelengths of EM waves by measuring microwaves and the Doppler effect. Students design an instrument to measure the sun’s intensity using a solar cell and multimeter. Students make a fuel cell and use it to do mechanical work.

Students use radon gas detectors to monitor presence of radon in designated structures.


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