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      • (i)

        Earth 3d- Students know why and how earthquakes occur and the scales used to measure their intensity and magnitude.

    • c.

      Physics 4d- Students know sound is a longitudinal wave whose speed depends on the properties of the medium in which it propagates.

    • c.

      Physics 4e- Students know radio waves, light, and X-rays are different wavelength bands in the spectrum of electromagnetic waves whose speed in a vacuum is approximately 3 x 108 m/s (186,000 miles/second).

    • c.

      Physics 4f- Students know how to identify the characteristic properties of waves: interference (beats), diffraction, refraction, Doppler effect, and polarization.

  • 2.

    Physics 5- Electric and magnetic phenomena are related and have many practical applications.

    • a.

      Physics 5a- Students know how to predict the voltage or current in simple direct (DC) electric circuits constructed from batteries, wires, resistors, and capacitors.

      • (i)

        Physics 5d- Students know the properties of transistors and the role of transistors in electric circuits.

    • b.

      Physics 5e- Students know charged particles are sources of electric fields and are subject to the forces of the electric fields from other charges.

    • b.

      Physics 5i- Students know plasmas, the fourth state of matter, contains ions or free electrons or both and conduct electricity.

    • b.

      Physics 5h- Students know changing magnetic fields produce electric fields, thereby inducing currents in nearby conductors.

      • (i)

        Earth 3a- Students know features of the ocean floor (magnetic patterns, age, and sea-floor topography) provide evidence of plate tectonics.

        • (a)

          Earth 3e- Students know there are two kinds of volcanoes: one kind with violent eruptions producing steep slopes and the other kind with voluminous lava flows producing gentle slopes.

        • (b)

          Earth 3f*- Students know the explanation for the location and properties of volcanoes that are due to hot spots and the explanation for those that are due to subduction.

    • e.

      Physics 5j*- Students know electric and magnetic fields contain energy and act as vector force fields.

    • f.

      Physics 5m*- Students know static electric fields have as their source some arrangement of electric charges.

    • f.

      Earth 3b- Students know the principal structures that form at the three different kinds of plate boundaries. (more detail)


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