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Wall Construction

The following procedures comply with the generally accepted industry standards for the installation of segmental retaining walls with special attention given to the unique features of the ReCon “Series 50” product line. Every attempt should be made to follow these procedures as closely as possible unless the project specifications, drawings or the final engineered wall design directs otherwise.

Site Preparation

Before beginning work, contractors should make sure that they have thoroughly studied the project specifications, the final engineered drawings for the wall and complied with all the requirements for product submittals. Contractors should also have a clear understanding of their scope of work and their responsibilities that may be covered elsewhere in the project specifications and are not in the actual wall construction section.

For projects that do not have a formal set of plans and specifications but do have a “signed and stamped” final engineered wall plan, the contractor should refer to these procedures whenever a topic is not specifically covered in the final engineered plan.


The contractor should carefully excavate the wall construction area to the lines and grades shown on the construction drawings. Exercise caution to keep the soil undisturbed in areas that will not need modification during wall construction. Be sure to identify above and below ground utilities including power lines, communication lines, sewer and drainage structures, etc.

Preparing the Leveling Pad

Excavate a trench to a minimum thickness of 6 inches and to a width that extends a minimum of 6 inches in front and behind the actual location of the base units along their designated placement. If the wall layout requires either inside or outside radius curves, it is a good idea to increase the width of the leveling pad to accommodate adjustment during wall alignment. For all but straight walls where the bottom elevation doesnt

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