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Double Outside 90 Degree Corners

When building a wall with a wall section that is terminated on each end with an Outside 90 Degree Corner, start by placing the corners in their proper location and elevation. Because the wall will narrow by two inches (on a 3.6° battered wall) for each successive course, a partial unit must be cut to fit somewhere along the length of the wall. Use a ReCon fitting unit to create this partial unit, thus making the cutting procedure easier. For aesthetic purposes it is recommended that you locate these partial units at varying locations along the length of the wall.

Fitting Block cut to 42”

Fitting Block cut to 46”

Fitting Block cut to 44”

Outside 90 Degree Corner to Abutment

A ReCon “Series 50” wall may start against an abutment, perhaps a garage or walk-out basement. Often the other end of the wall will turn with a 90° corner. When such a wall is built with the normal 3.6° batter, each course will be one inch shorter than the course below. The simplest way to build this wall is to use the ReCon fitting unit and cut the fitting end so that the unit will fit into the space left after the rest of the units on that course have been laid. Fitting Block cut to 45”

Fitting Block cut to 46”

Fitting Block cut to 47”

Cut Section

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