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Top of Wall Treatments

ReCon Top Units

The tops of ReCon walls are usually either capped using ReCon “Series 50” cap units or finished with top block units. Other treatments typically involve special construction, such as forming and pouring a concrete parapet or attaching specialty, precast components.

Capping a wall is a fairly straightforward process. However, radius walls require cutting of the cap units to avoid creating triangular wedges at the front or back of the wall, depending on whether it is an “inside” or “outside” radius.

Using the ReCon “Series 50” top blocks to finish off a wall provides the ability to fill units with a landscape rock or plant material to within 4” of the wall face. When stepping up or down at the top of a wall using top blocks, the “top corner block” is used to make this transition. A top corner block can be laid with either the 2or the 4face as the return side. Usually the wall layout elevation plan prepared by the design engineer will indicate the proper unit location or type. In the absence of such a plan, the left and right top corner units designate which side the 2return dimension is located as you face the finished wall. This is referred to as “standard” placement.

If it is desired that the 4face returns back into the retained soil, then a left corner top block will actually return (with respect to the wall face) on its right side and visa-versa for a right corner top block. This is referred to as “alternate” placement.

When the standard placement (4face, 2return) is used, it will be necessary for block stability to add a concrete shim beneath the portion of the top corner block that bears on part of another top block located beneath. This shim is usually made or cut, if necessary, from a standard

LH Top Corner Unit

RH Top Corner Unit

Top Unit w/ 7.5” CMU shim

concrete masonry Standard Placement unit (CMU). Gluing this shim in place will resist movement during the backfilling process.

This procedure will not be necessary when top corner blocks are placed in the wall with the 2face outward and the 4face used as the return. In this scenario, the block should be resting entirely on ½ of a full unit. In order for the unit to lay flat and level, a section (approx. 7”) of the tongue on the lower unit must be removed.

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