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Railings and Guardrails

ReCon “Series 50” units can be manufactured to accommodate certain types of fence uprights. It is recommended that a qualified design engineer be consulted to prepare the proper detailing and design of guardrails and / or special critical fencing situations. Local building codes and wind-loading conditions can have a significant effect on the proper and safe design of these features.

Minimum 3 ft. from wall face

Grout-filled Sonotube. Minimum Embedment of 3 ft.

Staining and Sealing

The ability to stain and seal a ReCon “Series 50” wall is an attractive benefit to owners and specifiers. When applied by experienced professionals, modern day concrete stains and the realistic stone appearance of the ReCon “Series 50” textures can render a finished ReCon wall nearly indistinguishable from natural stone. Most modern concrete stains have excellent life expectancies. Depending on the environment, walls may not need a reapplication of stain for many years, if at all. An acid-etch stain is, for all practical purposes, permanent. In some situations, weathering may even enhance the appearance of a stained ReCon wall.

Sealing is also an option where it may be necessary to minimize moisture absorption or protect against graffiti. Certain types of stain also provide a degree of sealant protection in addition to adding color and depth.

ReCon recommends that you consult directly with a staining or sealer manufacturer to determine suitability and proper installation procedures for staining and sealing. Page 26

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