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    part two

    • 2.1.


      • A.

        Only licensed and authorized manufacturers of: ReCon Retaining Wall Systems, Inc. 2311 Wayzata Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55405

        • (612)

          374-1113 Phone

        • (612)

          374-1118 Fax www.reconwalls.com

    • 2.2.


      • A.

        ReCon “Series 50” retaining wall units.

        • 1.

          The block unit shall consist of concrete with average 28-day compressive strength of no less than 4000 PSI.

        • 2.

          Concrete shall have 4.5 - 7.5 percent air entrainment by volume.

        • 3.

          Weight of concrete shall be a minimum of 145 pounds per cubic foot.

        • 4.

          Exterior dimension at the face shall be 48” by 16” for full and corner unit, and 24” by 16” for half unit.

        • 5.

          Depth of unit should be as per Construction Drawings and is available in 24”, 39” or 45” depths.

        • 6.

          ReCon units used shall maintain tolerances of:

          • a.

            Height: +/- 3/16”

          • b.

            Width: +/- 1/2” unless field cut for fitting purposes.

          • c.

            Depth: No less than the unit design depth (i.e. 24”, 39” or 45”)

        • 7.

          Special shape units should be obtained and used where indicated on the final engineered construction drawings. Reference ReCon Drawing # 100 for overview of standard unit types.

        • 8.

          ReCon Unit Face Texture: [Specify choice (or choices) as required. Check local availability]

          • a.

            Shall be “LeSueur County Limestone”.

<or> b. <or>

Shall be “North Shore Granite”.

        • c.

          Shall be “Old World”.

    • B.

      Geogrid Reinforcement: Geosynthetic reinforcement shall be high tensile geogrid or geotextile manufactured specifically for soil reinforcement applications.

      • 1.

        Construction Drawings shall indicate type, strength, locations and lengths of reinforcement used.

      • 2.

        The geosynthetic manufacturer shall provide all relevant testing to the wall design engineer for incorporation in the wall design and shall be included in the submittal for the Construction Drawings.

      • 3.

        No substitution of geosynthetic shall be allowed that was not evaluated in the Construction Drawings.

    • C.

      Base Leveling Pad: The wall base leveling pad material shall consist of a compacted crushed stone base or non-reinforced concrete as indicated in the Construction Drawings.

    • D.

      Drainage Aggregate: Drainage aggregate shall consist of clean 1” minus crushed stone or gravel meeting the requirements of the Construction Drawings.

    • E.

      Backfill material: All backfill material, borrow or imported, shall meet all requirements of the Construction Drawings.

    • F.

      Drainage Pipe: If required in Construction Drawings, drainage pipe shall be perforated or slotted PVC pipe manufactured in accordance with ASTM D-3034 or corrugated HDPE pipe manufactured in accordance with ASTM D-1248. Drainage pipe may also be covered with a geotextile filter fabric.

    • G.

      Unit adhesive: Adhesive shall be a premium, construction grade suitable for concrete and exterior applications.

      • 2.3.


        • A.

          ReCon retaining wall color [Specify choice (or choices) as required]

      • 1.

        Finished wall shall be left in natural (as-cast) color. <or>

      • 2.

        Finished retaining wall shall be stained in accordance with Section 099313.13 “Exterior Staining”.

        • a.

          Acceptable product stains:

          • 1.

            Sherwin Williams H & C SHIELD PLUS CONCRETE STAIN

          • 2.

            TK Products TRI-SHEEN PIGMENTED STAIN TK-5272

        • b.

          Color shall match [Define reference or sample to match]. <or>

        • c.

          Color shall be [Designate existing color]

    • B.

      Sealing [Optional, list here and specify in Section 099723 Concrete and Masonry Coatings or 099623 Graffiti-Resistant Coatings]

      • 1.

        Acceptable sealers

        • a.

          TK Products TK-290 WDOT TRI-SILOXANE

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