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    • 3.7.


      • A.

        Wall fill material shall be placed in lifts no greater than 8” in depth and shall be less if necessary to achieve necessary compaction.

      • B.

        Compact backfill material to 95% of standard proctor.

      • C.

        Only hand-operated compaction equipment shall be used within 3 feet of the back of the ReCon Units.

      • D.

        Wherever possible, backfill should be placed beginning the face of the wall. Backfill shall be placed, spread, and compacted in a manner that minimizes the development of wrinkles, folds or movement of the geogrid.

      • E.

        Tracked construction equipment shall not be operated directly on the geogrid. A minimum backfill thickness of 6 inches is required prior to operation of tracked vehicles over the geogrid. Turning of tracked vehicles should be kept to a minimum to prevent tracks from displacing the fill and damaging the geogrid.

      • F.

        Rubber tired equipment may pass over the geogrid reinforcement at slow speeds, (less than 10 MPH). Avoid sudden braking and sharp turning.

      • G.

        At the conclusion of each days work, slope backfill at both the crest and bottom of wall away from wall face to prevent surface drainage from scouring or ponding.

      • H.

        During wall construction, the General Contractor shall be responsible for coordination of other project site operations so as to avoid adjacent construction site drainage from affecting wall construction area.

      • I.

        Upon completion of wall construction work, the General Contractor shall:

        • 1.

          Ensure finished grading directs normal drainage away from the finished wall.

        • 2.

          Ensure other trades do not operate heavy equipment or excavate near the wall and reinforced soil zone.

    • 3.8.


      • A.

        Clean and apply exterior concrete cap adhesive to top course of ReCon wall unit prior to placement of ReCon cap unit.

      • B.

        Trim sides of interior cap units to insure proper fit of wall cap. Do not leave cut surfaces exposed to view in the finished wall.

      • C.

        Fill and compact soil to top of ReCon cap unit.

    • 3.9.


      • A.

        Straight walls

        • 1.

          Vertical alignment: +/- 1.5” over any 12 ft. distance and no more than +/- 3” over entire length of wall.

      • B.

        Horizontal Alignment Control:

        • 1.

          Corners and radius location: +/- 1 foot to theoretical location indicated on the Grading Plan.

        • 2.

          Radii: +/- 2 ft. from theoretical lines indicated on the Grading Plan

      • C.

        Wall Batter At Completion Of Work: +/- 2 degrees from the design batter and no batter less than 2 degrees.

    • 3.10.


      • A.

        Contractor shall be responsible for proper installation and quality control of all ReCon wall components and appurtenant materials.

      • B.

        Owner shall, at their expense, retain a qualified professional to monitor and perform quality assurance checks of the installer's work.

      • C.

        Quality Assurance should include foundation soil inspection, frequent backfill compaction testing, verification of geotechnical design parameters and compliance with Construction Drawings and Project Specifications.

    • 3.11.


      • A.

        After completion of wall installation, remove construction debris and restore any adjacent finished areas affected by wall construction to their pre-construction state.

      • B.

        Wash wall face to remove soiling and stains. Do not use acid or detergents that may “burn” or discolor face.

    • 3.12

      STAINING / SEALING (Optional)

      • A.

        Provide samples of stained / sealed faces for approval prior to commencing application to ReCon retaining wall units. Samples shall be large enough to demonstrate scope of color variation.

      • B.

        Install stain / sealer in accordance with manufacturers recommended procedures.

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