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ReCon currently offers its licensed manufacturers a choice of three types of face textures. Most producers choose one of these textures as their standard and elect to maintain a working inventory of that texture. Other textures may still be available as a special order. As with most special orders, additional costs may be involved and sufficient time should be allowed for setup and production. Check with the ReCon licensed manufacturer in your market to determine what textures are available.

1) Le Sueur County Limestone

This texture offers the look of a broken and weathered limestone. This texture lends itself well to accent staining. When certain stain colors are used, Le Sueur County Limestone can also take on the appearance of a weathered sandstone material.

2) North Shore Granite

Granite may be the most universally recognized natural stone on earth. While its coloration varies widely, the texture of an unprocessed granite is somewhat consistent in the way it fractures due to its composition and density. Stained or unstained, the appearance of North Shore Granite can be nearly indistinguishable from weathered natural stone.

3) Old World

ReCons Old World texture was originally developed as a “special order” to match the appearance of the popular cut stone building materials used in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many different types of stone were used in this manner and the Old World texture can emulate most of them depending on the stains that are used. The face also lends itself to further processing, such as sandblasting or using a retarder to expose aggregates.

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