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Design Parameters

Wall Geometry

When planning a ReCon retaining wall, the most logical place to start is the wall location and where it resides with reference to the project site and topography. For most commercial projects this information is usually found on the site-grading plan. A great deal of the information necessary to properly design a ReCon retaining wall can be found there. In addition to the calculation of wall heights and lengths, designers study this plan in order to gather information about adjacent structures, surcharges, site access, property lines, utility locations and site drainage. All of these factors influence the final design and construction of a ReCon retaining wall.

For projects that dont have a formal site-grading plan, wall designers still need this information to be gathered, even if perhaps in a less formal way. Regardless of the source, access to this information is critical to proper design; determination of unit types; and the formulation of accurate unit quantities and cost estimates.

Soils Information

Segmental retaining walls (SRWs) are by definition a soil structure with a modular and mortarless aesthetic facing. In some cases, the facing itself can provide sufficient resistance to natural soil forces and potential wall movement. When this is true, the wall is commonly referred to as a “gravity wall”. The ability to construct taller gravity walls is one of the key advantages of the ReCon Series 50 retaining wall system. How and why ReCon can achieve these heights will be addressed in the appropriate sections of this manual. When the mass, footprint and other properties of the facing units are insufficient to restrain movement of a given segmental retaining wall structure, soil reinforcement is introduced to the soil mass behind the wall to increase stability. These composite structures are commonly referred to as reinforced segmental retaining walls or “MSE walls”, which is an acronym for “mechanically stabilized earth”.

Gravity Wall

Reinforced Wall

Impervious Soil Layer

Drainage Aggregate Zone

Retained Soil Zone

Reinforced Soil Zone

Drain Tile

Leveling Pad

Embedded Reinforcement Layers

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