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Level 2: Technician in information services

A professional who assumes to have the qualification of “technician in information services” has received an education, by one means or another, that gives him/her a good understanding of the code of practices (methods, standards, etc.) and the principles that guide them. He/she is capable of applying these advisedly. He/she can interpret and adapt these principles to specific situations.

He/she is able to perform the diverse tasks inherent in an organised document service or required of a professional fulfilling a documentary function in an existing, operating system. He/she may be helped by the collaborators a small team of which he/she leads.

He/she acts autonomously, while answering to a hierarchical superior and following his/her instructions. He/she can be made responsible for a small or medium sized document service.

He/she knows how to react when faced with a malfunction in the document service and immediately calls outside specialists most qualified to resolve the problem.

He/she has and knows how to use professional competencies that, according to the scale provided in the Euroguide LIS, Volume 1, reach:

  • -

    level 2 in each of the fields in group I. Nevertheless, it is possible to compensate for the weaknesses in one or

several fields by reaching a higher level of competence in one or several of the other fields in the group.

  • -

    level 2 in 11 fields (of the 20) in groups T, C and M, under the condition that he/she achieve level 2 in at least

two of the fields of expertise from each group.

He/she otherwise demonstrates aptitudes generally considered as useful or necessary to professional practice. He/she especially takes advantage of his/her team spirit, the rigour with which he/she executes the tasks under his/her responsibility, and is known for his/her discretion which leads him/her to place great value on the confidentiality of information that he/she is aware of. As with all aptitudes, these are difficult to measure, but an interview, conducted with experienced professionals, should allow them to manifest themselves.

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