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Level 3: Manager in information services

A professional who assumes to have the qualification for « manager in information services » must have had theoretical education and practical training that give him/her a profound understanding of the code of practices (methods, standards, etc.) and their guiding principles. He/she can also modify and renew them.

He/she is capable of organising and operating a complex information system that responds to a determined need, by using all types of resources and by applying the appropriate techniques.

He/she is prepared to supervise and direct working teams, to manage budgets and to lead projects. He/she demonstrates confirmed experience in team supervision.

He/she has the capacity to innovate and to anticipate, for example by originating and implementing a new document service or by developing a new, cost reducing method for the maintenance of an information system. He/she shows proof of his/her ability to realise services of this type.

He/she has and displays professional competencies that, according to the scale provided in the Euroguide LIS, Volume 1, reach:

  • -

    level 3 in each of the fields of group I. Nevertheless, it is possible to compensate for the weaknesses in one or

several fields by attaining a higher level of competence in one or several other fields of the group;

  • -

    level 3 in 12 fields (of the 20) in groups T, C and M, under the condition that he/she achieve level 3 in at least

two of the fields of expertise within each group.

He/she otherwise possesses aptitudes generally considered useful or necessary to professional practice and which his functions frequently lead him/her to demonstrate. For example, it is expected that he/she have a sense of organisation, decisiveness and initiative. In addition to his/her proficient competence, these aptitudes contribute greatly to his/her efficiency.

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