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Financial Services (Investment and Fiduciary Services)

Repealed Subsidiary 2007/002


FIRMS) REGULATIONS 2007 1. The competent authority shall, subject to the conditions laid down in this Schedule, allow institutions to calculate their capital requirements for position risk, foreign-exchange risk and/or commodities risk using their own internal risk-management models instead of or in combination with the methods described in Schedules 1, 3 and 4. Explicit recognition by the competent authority of the use of models for supervisory capital purposes shall be required in each case.

5. For the purpose of calculating capital requirements for specific risk associated with traded debt and equity positions, the competent authority shall recognise the use of an institution’s internal model if, in addition to compliance with the conditions in the remainder of this Schedule, the internal model meets the following conditions:

  • (a)

    it explains the historical price variation in the portfolio;

  • (b)

    it captures concentration in terms of magnitude and changes of

composition of the portfolio;

  • (c)

    it is robust to an adverse environment;

  • (d)

    it is validated through back-testing aimed at assessing whether specific risk is being accurately captured. If the competent authority allow such back-testing to be performed on the basis of relevant sub-portfolios, these must be chosen in a consistent manner;

  • (e)

    it captures name-related basis risk, namely institutions shall demonstrate that the internal model is sensitive to material idiosyncratic differences between similar but not identical positions;

  • (f)

    it captures event risk.

The institution’s internal model shall conservatively assess the risk arising from less liquid positions and positions with limited price transparency under realistic market scenarios. In addition, the internal model shall meet minimum data standards. Proxies shall be appropriately conservative and may be used only where available data is insufficient or is not reflective of the true volatility of a position or portfolio.

An institution may choose to exclude from the calculation of its specific risk capital requirement using an internal model those positions in securitisations or n-th-to-default credit derivatives for which it meets a capital requirement for position risks in accordance with Schedule 1with the exception of those positions that are subject to the approach set out in point 5l.

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