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Using NetBackup for SQL Server Backing up and restoring the databases that contain full-text search catalogs (SQL Server 2005)

e x a m p l e , t h e c a t s c a t a l o g w o u l d b e c o n t a i n e d b y s y s f t _ c a t s . T h i s n a m e h a import for the database move operation. s

SQL Server places the full-text catalog directory into the following path by default: SQL-instance-install-path\FTData\full-text-catalog-root-directory.

For instance, in the previous example, the cats directory for database TWO is placed into a path such as: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\FTData\cats0000\

However, when you perform a database move command, you can establish the path at the location of your choosing.

One additional characteristic of the full-text catalog is its association with a filegroup. By default, the association is made with the primary filegroup. However, you can also select a different filegroup for which to make the association.

Backing up and restoring the databases containing full-text catalogs

When you back up a database that contains a full-text catalog, NetBackup writes the catalog name and directory path to NetBackup catalog. NetBackup for SQL Server displays the full-text catalog information in the backup history properties windows when you select the database backup image. If you choose to move the database, then the saved full-text catalog information allows NetBackup for SQL Server to generate specifications for the move template. In the move template, you can specify a path for the catalog directory.

napshot backups also include all of the files in any full-text catalog that is associated with the object that is backed up. This impacts backups database, filegroup, and file backups as follows:

  • Database backup: The full-text catalog files are backed up with the full database snapshot backup.

  • Filegroup backup: The full-text catalog files are backed up for any catalog that is associated with the filegroup.

  • File backup: NetBackup for SQL Server backs up the full-text catalog files along with a snapshot file backup based on these conditions:

    • The file belongs to a filegroup that is associated with a full-text catalog

    • The file has the lowest sort-order of any file that belongs to the


Backups and restores based on snapshots are impacted based on the extra catalog files that are included in the snapshot.

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