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A batch file consists of a series of operations (backups and restores) which by default are run in sequence.

Each operation consists of a series of <keyword value> pairs, which completely define the total operation.

The keyword is not case sensitive but the value is. Generally, you will be safe if you code both the keyword and value in uppercase, with the exception that, if you use the NBIMAGE keyword option, then the value must be specified exactly as it is stored by NetBackup Server.

Operations are not nested.

With the exception of the BATCHSIZE, GROUPSIZE, RETRYTYPE, NUMRETRIES, and RETRYWAITSECONDS parameters, <keyword value> pairs are not global. If you use BATCHSIZE, GROUPSIZE, RETRYTYPE, NUMRETRIES, or RETRYWAITSECONDS then it must appear only once in your batch file and it must appear in the first operation.

If SQLINSTANCE $ALL is used, then it must appear in the first operation of the batch file. Each operation in the batch file will be performed for all SQL Server instances on the client where the batch file is executed. Also, it is not necessary to specify a SQLHOST or SQLINSTANCE on any subsequent operations.

Within an operation, the <keyword value> pairs may appear in any order except that each operation must be terminated by ENDOPER TRUE.

You can include comment lines in your batch file by placing a hash mark (‘#’) in the first column.

STOPAT, RESTORETOMARK, RESTORETOMARKAFTERTIME, RESTOREBEFO REMARK,and RESTOREBEFOREMARKAFTERTIME are mutually exclusive restore parameters. If either RESTORETOMARKAFTERTIME or RESTOREBEFOREMARKAFTERTIME are used, then the batch file must also specify a datetime string with the keyword STOPAFTER.

Guidelines for creating and using batch files

Give the file a unique name with the extension .bch.

Place the batch file in the install_path\NetBackup\DbExt\MsSql\ folder.

Batch files must reside on the host from which they executed. If performing actions on a remote host, the batch file must reside on that remote host.



Using NetBackup for SQL Server Using batch files

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