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Using NetBackup for SQL Server Restoring multi-streamed backups

Restoring multi-streamed backups

When you use the NetBackup MS SQL Client, backups using multiple stripes are restored automatically. Select the object you want to restore and NetBackup finds all of the related backups and restore them. Upon restore, all of the streams must also be available at the same time.

Conventional backups using multiple streams

If you specified multiple stripes for a non-snapshot backup, then the number of backup streams that you specified was created. NetBackup names these streams, for example:

juneberry.MSSQL7.COLE.db.pubs.~.7.001of003.20060908200234..C juneberry.MSSQL7.COLE.db.pubs.~.7.002of003.20060908200234..C juneberry.MSSQL7.COLE.db.pubs.~.7.003of003.20060908200234..C

If you want to create your own batch file to restore a striped object, specify only the first stripe name with the NBIMAGE keyword. NetBackup for SQL Server finds the remaining ones automatically. See “Using bplist to retrieve SQL Server backups” on page 117 for more information about the backup names that are used for SQL Server objects.

Advanced backup methods using multiple streams

If you specified multiple stripes for any Snapshot Client backup, which streams the frozen image to tape, then NetBackup divides the number of component files equally among the number of stripes. If the number of files is less than the specified number of stripes, then the agent performs the backup using only as many stripes as there are files.

Note: Since Persistent Frozen Image (PFI) policies do not stream the component files to tape, PFI backups ignore the multiple-stream directive.

With SQL Server backups performed with Snapshot Client, NetBackup identifies all of the backup streams by the same name, such as: juneberry.MSSQL7.COLE.db.Northwind.~.7.001of003.20061012131132..C

and are differentiated by NetBackup by their backup ids.

Restoring a multiplexed SQL Server backup

In most cases, Symantec does not recommend multiplexing multiple SQL Server streams from the same backup to a single tape. However, you may want to do this if you vault or export backup images. During the restore of this type of

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