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Using NetBackup for SQL Server Using bplist to retrieve SQL Server backups

multiplexed backup, NetBackup may time out while trying to synchronize access to data blocks from the backup tape. To prevent this time out, change the STRIPES parameter in the recovery batch file from STRIPES N to STRIPES 1.

When you change this value it causes the restore to be performed in a single-stream. NetBackup presents the N backup images to SQL Server one at a time and the tape is rewound between the restores of each image.

Restoring a multi-streamed SQL Server backup with fewer devices than it was backed up with

In your recovery environment, you may have fewer drives available for restores than you used for backups. In this situation, SQL Server times out while it waits for the additional backup images to be mounted. To prevent this time out, modify the recovery batch file to specify the number of drives that are available for restore.

Consider, for example, if you had performed a backup using 5 drives, and only 2 are available for recovery. In the recovery batch file, change the STRIPES parameter from STRIPES 5 to STRIPES 2. This change causes SQL Server to request two backup images at a time until all five images have been restored.

Using bplist to retrieve SQL Server backups

If you plan to manually create a restore script, rather than through the NetBackup for SQL Server interface, you can use the bplist command to obtain restore images. See the NetBackup Commands guides for complete information about bplist.

To extract all of the NetBackup for SQL Server backups from a specific server for a specific client, execute the following command from the MS-DOS prompt. install_path\NetBackup\bin\bplist -C <client> -t 15 -S <server> -R \

where <client> is the host machine on which NetBackup for SQL Server resides and <server> is the host machine of NetBackup server.

The following example shows how to obtain the list of SQL Server backups backed up from client juneberry to server cole:

C:\Program F juneberry.MS juneberry.MS juneberry.MS juneberry.MS juneberry.MS juneberry.MS juneberry.MS Barbeque.~.7

iles\NetBackup\bin\bplist -C juneberry -t 15 -S cole -R \ SQL7.JUNEBERRY.db.pubs.~.7.001of003.20060920101716..C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY.db.pubs.~.7.002of003.20060920101716..C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY.db.pubs.~.7.003of003.20060920101716..C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY.fil.pubs.pubsnew.7.001of001.20060919175149..C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY\NEWINSTANCE.trx.abc.~.7.001of001.20060902170920..C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY\NEWINSTANCE.fg.abc.PRIMARY.7.001of001.20060902170824.C:\ SQL7.JUNEBERRY\NEWINSTANCE.db.Howard's .001of001.20060901085255..C:\


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