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Disaster recovery Disaster recovery of SQL Server databases

Restoring the entire server has the added benefit of recovering other applications and data which may have resided on the server at the time of failure, and can be accomplished using one of the following methods:

  • Manual recovery of the server. This method involves manually restoring the server from full system backups. See “Preparing for disaster recovery of SQL Server” on page 119.

  • NetBackup Bare Metal Restore. BMR automates system recovery by restoring the operating system, system configuration, and all system and data files. Refer to NetBackup Bare Metal Restore System Administrator's Guide for more information.

Alternatively, the SQL Server databases can be restored to a newly-installed or other available server. This server should be running the same version of Windows on the same hardware platform, the same Service Pack level, and the same version of SQL Server with the same service pack as the original server.

For the purposes of disaster recovery, you should only be restoring to a new installation of SQL Server. If you want to restore to an existing installation of SQL Server with other active databases, refer to “Disaster recovery of SQL Server databases.”

After recovery of the server is complete, or after the new server installation is available, recovery of the SQL Server databases can begin.

Disaster recovery of SQL Server databases

If you are restoring to a new SQL Server installation, skip the steps for rebuilding the master database. If you are running SQL Server in a cluster or you are using SQL Server 7.0, you will need to start SQL Server in single-user mode before restoring the databases.

To recover the SQL Server databases, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • rebuild the master database (if restoring to an existing SQL Server)

  • start SQL Server in single-user mode (SQL Server 7.0)

  • restore the SQL databases

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