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Using NetBackup for SQL Server with clustering solutions Using SQL Server in a cluster with a multi-interface network connection

Using SQL Server in a cluster with a multi-interface network connection

In order to combine SQL Server clustering with the use of public-private interfaces to perform backups, special configuration is required. Many administrators desire to reserve a separate network interface for their SQL Server host machines that is used for routing backup traffic. This type of configuration requires special consideration in terms of configuring both the NetBackup master server and the NetBackup client which backs up SQL Server. In addition, a special consideration is required in terms of how to browse for SQL Server backup images.

The following distinct network resources can be identified in a dual-interface SQL Server cluster.

  • the public name of each SQL Server host (for example, SQLHOST1 and SQLHOST2),

  • the private interface name used for backing up each of the SQL Server hosts (for example, SQLHOST1-NB and SQLHOST2-NB),

  • the public virtual name of the SQL Server (for example, VIRTSQL), and

  • the private virtual name of the SQL Server (for example, VIRTSQL-NB).

Master server configuration

Two configuration changes must be made on the master server to allow for backups and restores over a private interface. The backup policies must include the private interface name in the Clients list of the policy and permissions must be added to allow for browsing of backups across the private interface.

Adding clients to the policy

The private name of the client must be added to the Clients list of the policy. The NetBIOS or public name of the client should not be used.

To add clients to the policy

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Open the NetBackup Administration Console. Create a new policy or open an existing policy. In the Clients list for the policy, add a new client.

Specify the Client name as the private SQL virtual instance name, for example, VIRTSQL-NB.


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