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Using NetBackup for SQL Server with Snapshot Client

NetBackup for SQL Server can be combined with the features of NetBackup Snapshot Client. To use the database agent with Snapshot Client, you must have a license key for both NetBackup for SQL Server and NetBackup Snapshot Client.

NetBackup Snapshot Client for SQL Server overview

Snapshot Client, when used in conjunction with NetBackup for SQL Server, enables you to back up and restore SQL Server objects by taking snapshots of the component files and then backing up the snapshot version to tape or committing them to another form of persistent storage. The snapshot technology uses SQL Server VDI (virtual device interface) quiescence to affect a momentary freeze on database activity while NetBackup takes a snapshot of the identified files.

The term database freeze is interchangeable with database quiescence and refers to the momentary state in which all activity in the database has been halted while a snapshot (or frozen image) copy is created. The state-change in which the freeze is lifted is referred to as database thaw.

The role of NetBackup in managing backup images taken from snapshots is common for both Snapshot Client and standard database backups. In so far as NetBackup provides an identical view for cataloguing and browsing images and for accessing them in restore operations, it is transparent whether the images may have been created by standard database backups or by the Snapshot Client. This allows for a similar operational experience whether the user is backing up

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