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Using NetBackup for SQL Server with Snapshot Client How SQL Server operations use Snapshot Client

Although all of these features are provided through Snapshot Client support for SQL Server, not all methods are supported.For information on selecting a method, see the NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator’s Guide. For a description of snapshot methods available for use with NetBackup for SQL Server, see the supported platforms matrix on the Symantec Support Web site.

Supported platforms

To access the supported platforms information

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Go to the Symantec Support Web site: http://entsupport.symantec.com From the Select Product Family list, click NetBackup Products. From the Select Product list in the right pane, click NetBackup Enterprise

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Server. Under Support Resources, click Compatibility and Reference.

In the list of documents, click NetBackup Enterprise Server (tm)/ Server x.x Snapshot Client OS and Database Agent Compatibility (updated date).

For x.x, look for the current release. For date, look for the most recent date.


Click on the link for the PDF document, which is a downloadable file that enables you to view the supported database spreadsheet for this release.


Read the document and verify that the software in your environment is compatible with the NetBackup and NetBackup for SQL Server software.

How SQL Server operations use Snapshot Client

This following topics describe how NetBackup for SQL Server works with the Snapshot Client option:

  • how a backup method is chosen

  • what is backed up in a snapshot backup

  • what affects the performance of snapshot backups of SQL Server

  • how to perform SQL Server snapshot backups

  • how to perform SQL Server snapshot restores

  • how multiple databases can be backed up in a single snapshot

  • how to use a cloaked database snapshot to impact the basing of differential



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