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Other applications of NetBackup for SQL Server Performing backups and restores in an SAP environment

Policy configuration

In order to automatically perform backups of a SAP environment, you need to create backup policies. A backup policy with the “MS-SQL-Server” policy type selected must be created for R/3 database backups. Batch files, which will initiate the backup of the database and transaction logs, must be added to the Backup Selections list in the policy.

For information on creating the batch files needed, see “Creating batch files to be used in automatic backup schedules” on page 152. For information on MS-SQL-Server policies, see the instructions in “Configuring a backup policy for a database” on page 27.

For backups of the executables disk (a file-system backup), a backup policy must be created with the “MS-Windows-NT” policy type selected. For information on MS-Windows-NT policies, see the NetBackup System Administrator Guide for Windows, Volume 1.

Creating batch files to be used in automatic backup schedules

NetBackup for SQL Server uses batch files to initiate database backup and restore operations. A batch file must be created for database backups and for transaction log backups. These batch files must then be added to the Selections list in the backup policies you've created.

To create a script for database backups


From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > NetBackup > NetBackup Agents > NetBackup MS SQL Client.

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Choose File > Backup SQL Server objects.

In the Backup Microsoft SQL Server Objects dialog box, select the R/3 database in the Database list.


From the Type of Backup list choose the type of backup you want to perform, Full or Full differential.

See “Backup options” on page 65 for a description of the available backup options.

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Click OK. When prompted to start the backup, click Yes.

Check that each backup operation completed successfully by choosing File > View status.

See “Monitoring backups” on page 153 for more information.

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