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Limitations when restoring Backup Exec images

Restoring multiple databases in a single restore job is not supported. It is however possible to restore full, differential and transaction log backups of a same database in a single restore job.

Table backups cannot be restored, though they are included in the backup image and can be selected for restore. If you attempt to restore a table, the job will fail with the error “unsupported object was selected for restore”.

Restoring from Backup Exec images

This topic describes the restore options available and the procedures for restoring SQL Server from Backup Exec images.

Requirements for restoring Backup Exec images

In order to successfully restore Backup Exec images, the Backup Exec media needs to be imported into NetBackup by first running vmphyinv, and then running bpimport, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Refer to the instructions for importing images from Backup Exec media in the NetBackup System Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume I. NetBackup can restore Backup Exec images of SQL 7.0 and above.

The NetBackup Client Service should be running in a user account that has been granted the System Administrator role on the target SQL instance. See SQL Server privileges” on page 42 for details on configuring the logon account for this service.

Table 9-14

Restore options

The following options are available when restoring from SQL backups from Backup Exec images.

Restore options on the Microsoft SQL Server tab


Recovery completion state


Using NetBackup to restore SQL Server from Backup Exec images

NetBackup can restore SQL Server from Backup Exec images, using the NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore (NetBackup Client) interface.


Other applications of NetBackup for SQL Server Using NetBackup to restore SQL Server from Backup Exec images

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