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Other applications of NetBackup for SQL Server Using NetBackup to restore SQL Server from Backup Exec images

12 When the other filegroups are restored, select the transaction logs.

13 On the Microsoft SQL Server tab, for the recovery completion state, choose Leave database operational and restore all of the transaction logs.

14 Optionally, you can also choose Point in time log restore or Restore log up to named transaction.

15 Click Start Restore.

Restoring the SQL master database from a Backup Exec image

If the master database is damaged, symptoms may include:

  • An inability to start SQL.

  • Segmentation faults or input/output errors.

  • A report generated by SQL Database Consistency Checker utility (DBCC).

If you can still start SQL, you can restore the latest copy of the master database backup using the Automate master database restore option on the Microsoft SQL Server tab and then restore any other databases, if needed.

If the master database is critically damaged and SQL cannot be started, rather than running the Rebuild Master utility or reinstalling SQL to be able to restart SQL, you can replace the corrupted or missing databases with the copies of the master and model databases that Backup Exec automatically creates and updates whenever backups of those databases are run. After SQL is running again, you can restore the latest copy of the master database using the Automate


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