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Installing the NetBackup for SQL Server agent Verifying the installation prerequisites


In the Product Lookup field, type in NetBackup Enterprise Server and click on the > button.

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From the list on the right, click on Compatibility List.

In the list of documents, click Veritas NetBackup Enterprise Server (tm) x.x/ NetBackup Server x.x Database Agent Compatibility (Updated date).

For x.x, look for the current release. For date, look for the most recent date.

For information on supported cluster environments for NetBackup for SQL Server, see NetBackup (tm) x.x Cluster Compatibility (updated date).


Click the link for the PDF document, which is a downloadable file that enables you to view the supported database spreadsheet for this release.


Read the document and verify that the software in your environment is compatible with the NetBackup and the database agent.

NetBackup Software

Verify that the following requirements are met for the NetBackup server and client software. The NetBackup for Windows client relies on a NetBackup Master Server and a NetBackup Media Server, either of which may exist on the same or a different host than the NetBackup client.

The NetBackup server software is installed and operational on the NetBackup server.

NetBackup for SQL Server software is installed along with the NetBackup for Windows client on the server. The NetBackup server platform can be any of those that NetBackup supports. For installation information, see the NetBackup Installation Guide.

If the SQL client is on a different host than the master or media server, then the NetBackup client must installed on that host. Installing the NetBackup Client also installs the NetBackup for SQL Server agent.

The version level of the client must be the same as or older (e.g., 6.5 or earlier) than the version of any NetBackup server in its Servers list.

Make sure that you have configured backup media in a Media Manager or disk storage unit. The number of media volumes required depends on the devices used, the sizes of the databases that you are backing up, the amount of data that you are archiving, the size of your backups, and the frequency of backups or archives. For information on using Media Manager, see the NetBackup System Administrator’s Guide.

Database software

Verify that the follow requirements are met for the database software.

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