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Configuration Configuring the Maximum jobs per client

dbbackupXX.dll Resource localization DLL, where XX indicates the language. For example, dbbackupEN.dll is the resource localization DLL for English.

Configuring the Maximum jobs per client

The following procedure shows how to set the Maximum jobs per client attribute.

To configure the maximum jobs per client


In the left pane of the NetBackup administration console, expand Host Properties.

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Select Master Server. In the right pane, double-click the server icon. Click Global Attributes. Change the Maximum jobs per client value to 99.

The Maximum jobs per client specifies the maximum number of concurrent backups that are allowed per client. The default is 1. You can use the following formula to calculate a smaller value:

Maximum jobs per client = number_of_streams X number_of_policies

number of streams



The number of backup streams between the database server and NetBackup. If striping is not used, each separate stream starts a new backup job on the client. If striping is used, each new job uses one stream per stripe.

n u m b e r _ o f _ p o l i c i e s

The number of policies of any type that can back up this client at the same time. This number can be greater than one. For example, a client can be in two policies in order to back up two different databases. These backup windows can overlap.

Configuring a backup policy for a database

A backup policy for a database defines the backup criteria for a specific group of one or more clients. These criteria include:

  • Storage unit and media to use

  • Policy attributes


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