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Configuration Configuring a backup policy for a database

  • Backup schedules

  • Clients to be backed up

  • The batch files to be executed on the clients

To back up a database environment, you need to define at least one MS-SQL-Server policy with the appropriate schedules. A configuration can have a single policy that includes all clients, or there can be many policies, some of which include only one client.

Most requirements for database policies are the same as for file system backups. In addition to the policy attributes for this database agent, other attributes are available that you should consider.

For configuration instructions and information on all the attributes available, see the NetBackup Administrator’s Guide, Volume I.

Adding a new policy

These instructions describe how to add a new backup policy for a database.

Note: If you want to perform multi-streamed backups and restores, see Configuring multi-stream operations” on page 38. If you have multiple network interfaces, see “Configuring for a multi-interface network connection” on page 39.

To configure a backup policy for databases

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Log on to the master server as administrator (Windows) or root (UNIX). Start the NetBackup Administration console. If your site has more than one master server, choose the one on which you

want to add the policy.


From the Windows interface: In the left pane, right-click Policies and choose New Policy.

From the Java interface: In the left pane, click Policies. In the All Policies pane, right-click the master server, and click New Policy.


In the Add a New Policy dialog box, in the Policy name field, type a unique name for the new policy.

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Click OK.

In the Add a New Policy or Change Policy dialog box, in the Policy type list, select the MS-SQL-Server policy type.

The database agent policy type does not appear in the drop-down list unless your master server has a license key for the database agent.

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