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Tips for configuring schedules

If you put multiple batch files in the same policy, they execute during each Automatic Backup session for that policy. You may have a variety of SQL Server backup operations that you want to execute on different schedules. In this case, you may want to create multiple policies each with an Automatic Backup schedule that is different. Then assign each batch file to the policy that uses the appropriate Automatic Backup schedule.

For any policies that are used for SQL Server 2005 read-only filegroups, consider creating a schedule with a retention level set to infinity. This level may enable you to avoid redundant backups.

See “Reducing backup size and time by using read-only filegroups (SQL Server 2005)” on page 53.

Set the window for the Application Backup schedule for 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This window ensures that your operations are never locked out due to the Application Backup schedule.

Configuring an Application Backup schedule

A database backup requires an Application Backup schedule. You cannot perform backups if this type of schedule is not included in the policy. The database agent automatically creates this schedule, named Default-Application-Backup, when you configure a new database policy.

To configure an Application Backup schedule

Adding schedules

Each policy has its own set of schedules. These schedules initiate automatic backups and specify when a user can initiate operations. A database backup has two types of schedules: Application Backup and Automatic Backup.

See “Configuring an Application Backup schedule” on page 29 and “Configuring Automatic Backup schedules” on page 30.


In the Policy dialog box, click the Schedules tab.

To access the Policy dialog box, double-click the policy name in the Policies list in the NetBackup administration console.

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Double-click the schedule that is named Default-Application-Backup.

Specify the other properties for the schedule. See “Schedule properties” on page 31.

The backup window for an Application Backup schedule must encompass the time period during which all scheduled jobs and unscheduled jobs can occur. This window is necessary because the Application Backup schedule


Configuration Configuring a backup policy for a database

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