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Configuration Configuring a backup policy for a database

Types of backup schedules

Table 3-7 shows the backup schedules you can specify.

Table 3-7

SQL Server backup types

Backup type


Application Backup

The Application Backup schedule enables user-controlled NetBackup operations from the client. These operations include those initiated from the client and those initiated by an automatic schedule on the master server. NetBackup uses the Application Backup schedule when the user starts a backup manually. Configure at least one Application Backup schedule for each database policy. The Default-Application-Backup schedule is configured automatically as an Application Backup schedule.

Automatic Backup

An Automatic Backup schedule specifies the dates and times for NetBackup to automatically start backups. NetBackup runs the scripts in the order that they appear in the file list. If there is more than one client in the policy, the scripts are run on each client.

Adding clients

The client list is the list of hosts on which your batch files are run during an automatic backup. A NetBackup client must be in at least one policy but can be in more than one.

For a database policy, clients you want to add must have the following software installed:

  • NetBackup client or server

  • The backup or restore batch file(s)

Note: Each batch file must be present on each client.

To add clients to a policy


In the Policy dialog box, click the Clients tab.

To access the Policy dialog box, double-click the policy name in the Policies list in the NetBackup administration console.

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Click New. Enter the name of the client you want to add.

If SQL Server is installed in a NetBackup cluster, specify the virtual SQL Server name as the client name.

From the Windows interface

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