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Configuration Configuring a backup policy for a database

  • Type the name of the client and press Enter. If NetBackup cannot detect the hardware and operating system, a dialog box displays so you can specify this information. OR

  • Click the Browse for Computer button to choose the client from the network.

From the Java interface

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In the Client name field, type the name of the client you want to add. Choose the Hardware and operating system type and click Add.

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To add another client, repeat step 2 and step 3. If this client is the last client, click OK.

Adding backup selections

The backup selections list in a database policy has a different meaning than for non-database policies. For example, in a Standard or Windows-NT policy, the list contains files and directories to be backed up. In a database policy, you can specify batch files to be run. The scripts are called batch files and are identified by the .bch extension. Batch files describe the backup operations you wish to start through manual or scheduled operations initiated from the NetBackup server. These files reside on the client and direct the operation of NetBackup for SQL Server and SQL Server. Refer to “Overview of batch files” on page 105.

Add batch files only if you are setting up a policy for automatic scheduling. All batch files listed in the backup selections list are run for manual backups and for Automatic Backup schedules as specified under the Schedules tab. NetBackup runs the batch files in the order that the batch files appear in the backup selections list.

Adding batch files to the backup selections list

The following procedures describe how to add batch files to the backup selections list using the Java interface and using the Windows interface.

Caution: Be sure to specify the correct batch file names in the backup selections list to prevent an error or possibly a wrong operation. Make sure that the batch file resides on the client before you try to add it to the backup selections list.

To add batch files to the backup selections list from the Java interface


Open the Policy dialog box.


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