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Configuration Configuring for a multi-interface network connection


In the storage units associated with this schedule, select Enable Multiplexing.


Set Maximum streams per drive to the number of stripes that you plan to use.


In the Backup Microsoft SQL Server Objects dialog box, select a Stripes setting equal to the number of stripes that you want to use.

Configuring for a multi-interface network connection

Many administrators desire to reserve a separate network interface for their SQL Server host machines that are used for routing backup traffic. This type of configuration requires some special considerations for configuring both the NetBackup master server and the NetBackup client that backs up SQL Server. There are also special instructions for browsing backup images across a required network interface.

See “Performing restores with a multi-NIC connection” on page 102 for information on browsing across multi-nic connections. “Using SQL Server in a cluster with a multi-interface network connection” on page 127 provides a description of how to protect SQL Server in a cluster.

Master server configuration

Two configuration changes must be made on the master server to allow for backups and restores over a private interface. The backup policies must include the private interface name in the Clients list of the policy and permissions must be added to allow for browsing of backups across the private interface.

In the following examples, the NetBackup client machine that backs up SQL Server is referred to as SQLHOST and the private interface used for backing up SQLHOST is referred to as SQLHOST-NB.

Adding clients to the policy

The private name of the client must be added to the Clients list of the policy. The NetBIOS or public name of the client should not be used.

To add clients to the policy

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Open the NetBackup Administration Console. Create a new policy or open an existing policy.


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