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Configuration SQL Server privileges

If you choose standard security, then you must supply NetBackup for SQL Server with a SQL Server-based userid and password. This userid and encrypted password are stored in the registry under this key:


In order to perform an operation with standard SQL Server security, NetBackup for SQL Server looks up the SQL Server userid and password from the registry.

Note: Since NetBackup for SQL Server does backup and restore commands and issues select statements against the master database, you should review the SQL Server user documentation in order to determine exactly what privileges are required by the user accounts that you establish for NetBackup for SQL Server.

Setting the SQL Server login for scheduled operations

When you use the NetBackup Database Extension GUI, SQL Server security is satisfied based upon either your current Windows account, if you are using integrated security, or a SQL Server-based userid and password. For information on integrated and standard security, see the previous section “SQL Server privileges.”

When the NetBackup scheduler is used, backup operations are launched from a daemon process called the NetBackup Client Service. You must ensure that the Client Service has SQL Server privileges to perform backup and restore operations. If you are using integrated security, then you must ensure that the NetBackup Client Service specifies a Windows account that has been granted SQL Server administrative privileges.

Note: If your site does not place any SQL Server security restrictions on the right to back up databases then the steps described in the next two sections will be unnecessary.

Authorizing scheduled operations (for sites with SQL Server security restrictions)

If you will be using NetBackup to perform automatic SQL Server backups and if your site places SQL Server security restrictions on the right to back up databases, then an account must be set up which the NetBackup Client Service can use to login to SQL Server. The account must have sufficient SQL Server privileges to perform a backups.


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