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Configuration Performance factors

NetBackup shared memory is in use. The backup is non-multiplexed. The backup policy does not specify either compression or encryption. The NetBackup buffer size equals the SQL Server blocksize.

The default NetBackup buffer size is 64 kilobytes, but this may be overridden by the value contained in:

i n s t a l l _ p a t h \ N e t b a c k u p \ d b \ c o n f i g \ S I Z E _ D A T A _ B U F F E R S ( f o r t a backups), or, p e

i n s t a l l _ p a t h \ N e t b a c k u p \ d b \ c o n f i g \ S I Z E _ D A T A _ B U F F E R S _ D I (for disk backups) S K

You can set the SQL Server blocksize either in the NetBackup client properties dialog box of the NetBackup Database Extension GUI; or you can adjust it directly using the BLOCKSIZE option in your batch file.

  • NetBackup for SQL Server must be started with the same account as the NetBackup Client Service. Backups initiated from an automatic backup policy are started with the NetBackup Client Service so the same account is already in use. However, if you start an SQL Server backup through NetBackup for SQL Server or through dbbackex, then your logon account must be the same as the NetBackup Client Service account in order for your backups to be candidates for the alternate buffer method.

Alternate buffer method with restore operations In addition to the above conditions for backups, the alternate buffer method for restore also requires that the following conditions be met:

  • The version of SQL Server being restored must be SQL Server 2000 or SQL

Server 2005.

  • The backup must have been made with alternate buffer method.

You can verify that the alternate buffer method is being used by looking for the words Using alternate buffer method, which appear in the dbclient log and the progress report.

Page verification

With SQL Server 2005, you can choose to perform page verification before performing a backup or restore. Enabling this option will impose a performance penalty on a backup or restore operation.


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