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Partial Database Backup (SQL Server 2005 only)

This is a database backup that contains an improvised selection of filegroups selected by the user. NetBackup for SQL Server creates a template for partial database backups when you select individual databases in the object browser of the backup dialog box and chose the type of backup as 'Create a partial database template'. The template is created with all of the filegroups commented-out. You can chose the filegroups to be included in the partial backup by selectively uncommenting the filegroups.

Caution: Since the contents of a partial database backup are user-defined,NetBackup for SQL Server does not use them for staging recovered backups. So if you are relying on NetBackup to stage database recovery for you, the partial backup may not be a good choice.

Backup of all a filegroup’s database files

You effectively back up a filegroup when you back up all of the database files in the filegroup.

Differential backups

Differential backups can be created on the full database as well as all three types of filegroup backup units as described in the previous section. A differential backup contains the changes to the contents of the object since the last time that it was captured in a full backup.

Note: Note that SQL Server does not allow you to create a differential on a database file.


Backup and recovery concepts Protecting files and filegroups

Protecting files and filegroups

If you plan to back up files and filegroups as a part of your plan for protecting SQL Server, then the database must use the full or bulk-logged recovery model. In addition, you must maintain the unbroken sequence of transaction log backups. You will be responsible for creating the files and filegroups for your databases and for placing individual database components into them. NetBackup places a restriction on the layout of your database in order to successfully perform backup and restores of database files and filegroups.

Before attempting a file and filegroup backup, you must ensure no table is placed into a filegroup which is different than any one of its indices.

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