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Using NetBackup for SQL Server Using the NetBackup for MS SQL Client interface

To browse for backup images


To change the host and instance you wish to access, refer to “Selecting the SQL host and instance” on page 63.

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Choose File > Restore SQL Server objects.

In the Backup History Options dialog box, select the SQL Host whose backup images you would like to browse or type its name.

Also indicate the Source Client, if applicable. Refer to the following descriptions.

SQL Host

From this list, choose the SQL Server host that you would like to generate a backup history for.

Source Client Specifies the NetBackup client name for the selected client. This is the name used in the policy to identify the client.

If you use a specific network interface for backup, then the network interface name should be entered in the Source Client box. The network interface name is defined in the Host Properties for the server (open the properties for the server and click Universal Settings).

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Choose the date range to search. Click OK. Continue with the instructions for restoring the desired object:

  • Restoring a database backup” on page 82

  • Staging a full database recovery” on page 83

  • Restoring filegroup backups” on page 85

  • Recovering a database from read-write backups” on page 86

  • Restoring read-only filegroups (SQL Server 2005)” on page 88

  • Restoring database files” on page 89

  • Restoring a transaction log image without staging a full recovery” on

page 90

  • Performing a database move” on page 91

  • Performing partial database restores (SQL Server 2000)” on page 94

  • Performing page-level restores (SQL Server 2005)” on page 96


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