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Using NetBackup for SQL Server Using the NetBackup for MS SQL Client interface

12 To run the restore, choose File > Manage script files, select the script you created, and choose Start.

13 Click Yes to start the restore.

Redirecting a restore to a different host

Multiple NetBackup database clients may be configured to use a single NetBackup master server for backing up SQL Server databases. With this configuration, you can back up SQL Server database objects from one client and restore them to another. In the following procedure, HostA is the client that was originally backed up and HostB is the other client to which the restore will be redirected.

To redirect a restore to a different host

Establish permission settings on the master server. Do one of the following:

Create a file called install_path\NetBackup\db\altnames\No.Restrictions, to allow unrestricted redirected restore privileges

Create a file called install_path\NetBackup\db\altnames\HostB, to allow HostB to restore HostA's data. Note that this allows the client named HostB to access HostA's data on the master as well as any other client's data that was backed up on the master.


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Choose File > Set SQL Server connection properties. Log onto the target instance on HostB.

Choose File > Set NetBackup client properties and select the current master server to be a master server which is common to both HostA and HostB.

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Choose File > Restore SQL Server objects.

From the Backup History Options dialog box, select HostA as the SQL host from which the target objects were backed up.

When the restore window is displayed it will contain a history of objects that were backed up from HostA. You can then select those objects and restore them to HostB.

Redirecting a database to a different location on a different host

The database move redirects the restore of a database to a different location. The new location may be a different instance on the same host, a different host, or a different file path. The move operation also allows you to restore the database under a different name than the original one.


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