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Tuesday, May 11

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Patti Wolf gave a presentation on Social Media 101 the most commonly used social networking sites: Facebook; My Space; Linkedin; Twitter; YouTube, and Flickr or Blogs and the features of each.

Dr. Harpster provided an overview of social networking and its pros and cons, as well as the legalities. Our legal counsel advises us that we are agents of the state. If we set up a site and personally sign for it, we are responsible because it is an open forum. If we are directed to open an account, we are still responsible and personally accountable. If we put the logo on Facebook, Facebook will then own the logo. A number of sister institutions have added staff to monitor due to inappropriate comments. This was argued because it is a public site.

Participants were asked to answer 4 questions: How could we as a University best use social networking media; How does the use of social networking media fit into our institutional mission and strategic plan; Should we use a centralized strategy, a decentralized strategy, or both to make use of social networking media on campus; and How are we going to allocate or re-allocate resources to implement and manage social networking media? The results are shown in MINUTES ATTACHMENT 1.

Dr. Harpster indicated that the longer we wait the further behind we get. The students don’t care about the legalities. Dr. Ruud asked Dr. Harpster to do the following: 1) conduct an audit; who is doing; 2) recommend development of policy/guidelines if necessary; and 3) research other places and the benchmarks and recommend a model back to EMT and Cabinet.

BUDGET: Ms. Fawks reviewed the fee proposals and discussed the increases for 2010-2011. Several of the fees were discussed and it was noted that some fees were nominal and had validity to be increased. It was decided that each owner of a fee needs to be able to explain exactly what the fee is used for and what, if any, a fee increase should be. Dr. Johnson reviewed the reason/need for a Field Placement Fee. Upon a motion of Dr. Ruth, seconded by Dr. Johnson, the fee proposal for 2010-2011 was approved as shown in MINUTES ATTACHMENT 2, with the understanding that we will look at and revise fees as/where necessary.

ACADEMIC MASTER PLAN: Draft remarks are to be reviewed and asked that clarification be given, if needed, to Dr. Ensley. Overview of this activity is shown in MINUTES ATTACHMENT 3.

Dr. Ruud provided the overview of Issues/Recommendations for 2010-2011, shown as MINUTES ATTACHMENT 4.


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