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Committee or equivalent body, that review has taken place and all approvals have been granted prior to application for use of the restricted data.

  • 21.

    The Receiving Organization will treat allegations, by ICPSR or other parties, of violations of this agreement as allegations of violations of its policies and procedures on scientific integrity and misconduct. If the allegations are confirmed, the Receiving Organization will treat the violations as it would violations of the explicit terms of its policies on scientific integrity and misconduct.

  • 22.

    The Restricted Data Investigator certifies that all aspects of the Data Protection Plan, as approved by ICPSR, will be followed until which time all copies of the restricted data are destroyed.

Destruction of Data Upon Completion of Research Project 23. The Restricted Data Investigator will certify to ICPSR that all originals and copies of the restricted data, on whatever media, will be destroyed at the completion of the research project described in the Application for Restricted Use Data or within 5 days of written request from the ICPSR.

Duration of This Agreement 24. This Agreement will go into effect upon approval of the Agreement by ICPSR, and will remain in effect until the completion of the research project, as noted in the Application for Restricted Use Data, or 24 months from the date this Agreement is accepted by ICPSR, whichever comes first. If, at the end of 24 months, access to the restricted data is still desired, the Restricted Data Investigator must contact ICPSR in writing requesting such continued access. If continued access is denied by ICPSR, or if the Restricted Data Investigator neglects to contact the ICPSR prior to the end of the 24-month period, all originals and copies of the restricted data, on whatever media they exist, must be destroyed by the Restricted Data Investigator.

Postā€Approval Modifications to Submitted Materials

  • 25.

    If changes in research plans or computer environment will alter the information originally submitted as part of this Agreement, the Restricted Data Investigator shall provide the ICPSR with a copy of the revised materials and a memorandum describing the changes in advance of the revisions. These revisions will be considered amendments to this agreement and may not be implemented until written approval is received by ICPSR.

  • 26.

    A change in the employer of the Restricted Data Investigator requires the execution of a new Restricted Data Use Agreement and preparation of a new Data Protection Plan. These materials must be approved by ICPSR before

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