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Alberto “Beto” Domingo, Panama

R e s e n t m e n t a n d h a t e h a d a c c u m u l a t e d i n m y h e a r t . T h e f a i l u r e o f m y p a r e n t s m a r r i a g e l e a d t o a d i f fi c u l t d i v o r c e t h a t m a r k e d m e f r o m I w a s t w o y e a r s a n d u p . M y f a t h e r w a s a p e r s o n o f strong character who constantly fought with my mother because of my safekeeping. He registered me in a good school because he said he was going to invest in a good education so I could pay him back in the future. I understood that my father wanted me to be a good student and that is what I did. a

From an early age, I was always distinguished by my good grades, special diplomas of excellence and good behavior. I was congratulated by my teacher in front of my classmates and she used me as an example. But, when I arrived to my house with my report card, my father looked for the notes that were not excellent and he told me that I was going to be a useless person since I did not do it perfectly. He said that I had to do things 110% perfect.

Thanks to the love that was given to me by my mother, encouraging and advising me, I graduated with honors and I decided to start working with my father in order to pay him back for the investment he made with me. We were successful in the sale of construction materials. Our business really grew. We started to have money, fame and fortune. But, even though I was a good son, good student and good retailer, my father continued saying that I was a mediocre and useless person. As a result I had a lot of resentment and I decided to face him. I even challenge him to fight.

I started to contradict all the orders that he gave in the company. It was hell. Things started to get complicated and the business started to have problems.


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