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Putting God First B Julio Arias, Panama orn into a family that I considered to be a role model family, my parents provided all of us five brothers and sisters with the best possible example and education. My father, educated as a lawyer, from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, showed us a path of success and hard work with high family and personal values. That is what I saw as I grew up and educated myself in Christian schools in Panama and later in schools and colleges in the United States. At only 20 years of age I had completed my education, got married and set off to work in the insurance business here. Early on I got involved in various other business ventures and found myself working very hard, as I had learned to be the road to success.

Three loving children came along the way and work got more intense as success was my prime objective, but all that hard work did not result in complete success. 22 years later I decided to end my marriage and divorced the good woman that had given birth to our three wonderful children.

As I think back now, I wonder what happened to all the good example and education received from my parents that did not guarantee success in the most important project that any man faces, family management. The emotional wound inflicted on my wife and children, through this horrendous decision was so severe, that communication with my wife literally stopped. Only in very important matters involving our children would we communicate and then, usually ended in some kind of argument. Some years go by and I continue to work very hard, travel extensively and “enjoyed” my newly obtained freedom. However, happiness was not really there. I could not figure out why?

About five years later I met this beautiful woman and started a new relationship which ended up in marriage. I must say that she is beautiful


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