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Julio Arias (second from left) with FGBMFI group in Panama.

inside and out and a very successful interior designer. It is through one of her professional acquaintances that I was introduced to the Fellowship in August 1997.

At first, I could not figure out how these men, with their horrible life stories, could have anything to do with me, but slowly I found myself reflecting and realizing that my priorities were upside down. Work was definitely not supposed to be #1 and real success was not a direct result of “things” achieved.

I learned that God, family, work, and church, with the great ingredients of love and humbleness were more in line with Gods´ purpose for our lives. Still with enormous doubts in my mind I decided to apply these new principles in everything I did and that led me to understand that I had to ask my ex wife and children to forgive me for the suffering and pain that I had caused them. I asked God for the strength and wisdom to do this and did it. I must say that up to that moment, all things were done because of “big me”.

I believe that from then on, God started working in my heart, to the point that today, everything I do, I try to make it pleasant to Him. My relationship with my first family has been completely restored. Today, I enjoy my two families as one. We have developed a very close relationship with God, enjoy our church activities, delight serving God wherever He sends me, has blessed us with “real happiness” and to top it all, has given us real success and prosperity in our businesses. Now we can truly say we are part of “the happiest people on earth.”


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