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t was a night-landing on a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua. Just before the wheels touched down, I saw a big neon sign that seemed to come right through the window, it said, “PHARAOHS CASINO”.

I thought of the more than 2 million people we had prayed with in Nicaragua, the thousands of families restored, and the prosperity that now filled the streets of the nation. It made me angry that after all that good work, Satan would come to, “Steal, Kill and Destroy”, through gaming establishments.

It seemed several new Casinos had been built. Pharaohs Casino was even in my hotel.

We were there to support the Nicaraguans in a great outreach with over 2,300 men and women sharing their personal testimonies of a better life through Christ.

In thousands of places that week, our teams prayed with 231,000 people.

In the city of Leon, I was honored by the Mayor and asked to speak in a joint press conference. Still upset about the gaming, I took the last 10 minutes to speak publicly against Pharaoh. The Mayor turned white! Later, he told me that Pharaohs had just purchased a property at the entrance to the city with the intention of building a gambling casino.

One of my friends in Nicaragua is the Bill O’Reilly of their TV. Luis Mora is an investigative TV Reporter, covering the nation 5 nights a week in an hour long exposé program. He always invites me on his program when I am in Nicaragua.

We have been good friends ever since he came to Christ, through the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.


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