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Luis invited me to be his only guest for the whole hour.

I began the program by telling the story about how Pharaoh was an evil and corrupt king and how he put people into slavery. He made them work harder for his own benefit. He whipped them and sucked the life blood out of them, their families and their finances.

Little did we know that the President of Pharaohs, Mark McKnight, was watching and getting more upset by the minute!

The next day, I called a press conference. All the Television stations and all of the newspapers came to hear about Pharaoh and the Casinos. I told the reporters that they had not fulfilled their role of protecting the people. They are the guardians of the gates of the city.

I stated that the guardians are the PRESS, the SENATE and the CITY OFFICIALS yet they had allowed Pharaoh and the casinos into their city. There had been no investigative reporting to expose what it had cost and who had helped them get permission.

“I have only been here a week and I already know of businesses ruined, life savings gone and families broken, because of the casinos,” I said, challenging the reporters to run stories about the people who had been hurt by the gambling casinos.

Later, the reporters said, that no one had ever spoken so directly to them. They were discussing how they could fulfill their responsibility as the guardians for the people.

Late that night, I called Vangie and told her what I had done. I said, “Vangie, you’ll never guess what I did. I was on television for a whole hour talking against corruption and gambling”.

She said, “Richard, what is wrong with you? Are you crazy? God called you to win souls, not to close casinos. And besides, don’t you know that the mafia is usually involved in gambling?”


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