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Mark, the President of Pharaohs, called Luis several days later. He was very upset and demanded to know, “Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting my family?” He asked, “What have we done to you? Do you want us to do a favor for you? Do you want money? What do you want?”

A few weeks later, Mark was meeting with his personal Attorney to discuss some personal issues. Then Mark began to tell his Attorney about our television attack against Pharaohs. His Attorney happened to be a member of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International. Then the attorney invited Mark to join him for lunch. He took him to a FGBMFI lunch meeting.

As he listened to a powerful testimony of a business man whose life was completely transformed by Christ, the Holy Spirit got a hold of Mark. As a young man, he knew about Christ from his Catholic upbringing. Now, once again he was confronted by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mark made a decision to follow Christ and leave the Casinos behind.

After the meeting he stepped outside and called his wife. He said, “I love you, please forgive me for the way I’ve lived my life, I want to come home and begin a new life.”

Mark went home, and was reunited with his wife and family!

The joy of their relationship was renewed. His children had a new light in their eyes towards him. He even began a Bible study.

He resigned as the President of Pharaohs Casinos, sold his interest, and canceled the gambling palace to be built in Leon. Now his business plan is to build homes and shopping centers.


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