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H114: History of Western Civilization II - page 4 / 10





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Grade Calculation:

A    (93%)A- (90%)

B+ (87%)B  (83%)B- (80%)

C+ (77%)C  (73%)C- (70%)

D+ (67%)D  (63%)D- (60%)

F (59% or below)

Letter Grades:

A: Exemplary = 90 – 100% of total points. A represents exemplary work or performance that could be a model for others.

B: Meritorious = 80 – 89% of total points. B represents meritorious work that meets and exceeds requirements and shows depth and originality.

C: Satisfactory = 70 – 79% of total points. C represents satisfactory work that meets all requirements and demonstrates the ability to do college level work.

D: Marginal = 60 – 69% of total points. D represents marginal work that either lacks competence or fails to meet all requirements of the assignment.

F: Failing = 59 and below of total points. F represents failing work that falls significantly short of requirements or basic competency.

Grades will be determined by the following:

Attendance and Participation—15%



Short Papers—15%

Exams —30%

Longer Essay —20%

Final— 20%

Participation:  Active, substantive participation is 15% of your overall grade; if you are not in class, you cannot earn any participation points for that day.  If you are not present to hand in your short paper assignments, your assignment will not be graded for points. 

5% of your participation grade will be determined by two quizzes.  Your first quiz will be over the contents of the syllabus.  The second quiz will be a map quiz.

All Assignments: I must receive hard copies of all assignments.  Do not email me the assignment if you cannot come to class.  Please submit a paper copy to my office or to my mailbox in the history department office, and ONLY do this if you have pre-arranged it with me.

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