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NOAA Report / January 1999

Focus On…

Gold, Silve , Bronze & NOAA Administrator Awards

E very year, the Commerce Department and NOAA honor employees who have performed exemplary work with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, and the NOAA Administrator’s Award. A list of those staffers, and their achievements, follows.


National Weather Service Ants Leetmaa, Gerald D. Bell, Ming Ji, Vernon E. Kousky, Arun Kumar, Robert

  • E.

    Livezey, Edward A. O’Lenic, Richard

  • J.

    Tinker: For issuing the first highly

skilled, physically based climate forecasts for U.S. temperatures and rainfall based on El Niño for Winter 1997-98.

James S. Doherty, Phillip N. Weigant: For design, development, and deploy- ment of the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network.

Walter Telesetsky, Douglas F. Hess, David B. Caldwell, Andris Karlsons, Gary Rice, Peter C. Lyden: For leader- ship excellence resulting in the successful deployment of 164 NEXRAD Doppler Weather Surveillance systems.

NWS Office, Melbourne, Fla.: For providing early and precise severe weather warnings that saved many lives during the most devastating tornado outbreak in the history of Florida.

NESDIS Thomas Karl, Sydney Levitus, Jonathan T. Overpeck: For professional excellence and world class scientific contributions which have advanced the understanding of the climate system and variability.

new GOES-N/O/P/Q spacecraft in only 156 days.

Nickalaus Thomas Pinkine, Andrew Dress, Michael Weinreb, Diane V. Robinson, Cheryl A. King, Richard G. Reynolds: For engineering performance in the recovery of the GOES-10 spacecraft in full capacity following its solar array failure.

Natonal Marine Fisheries Service Gregory K. Silber, Lindy S. Johnson: For conservation of the Northern Right Whale through the development of a mandatory commercial vessel reporting and monitoring system in U.S. waters.

Dali G. Borden, Albert M. Samuels, Andrew R. Cohen, Richard A. Severtson: For investigative excellence in the protection of the American public and stewardship of our Nation’s living marine resources.


National Weather Service Kevin J. Schrab: For sustained record of accomplishments in improving forecasts through the use of satellite imagery.

Robert W. Collins: For an innovative approach to significantly increasing public severe weather awareness.

NOAA diversity goals.

NESDIS Linda V. Moodie: For creativity and leadership in achieving a negotiation breakthrough in securing U.S. Government real-time access to Indian satellite data.

National Marine Fisheries Service John E. O’Reilly: For creativity and innovation in the use of satellite oceanography for studying ocean productivity.

John F. Witzig: For developing and managing a complex multistage scientific review of read snapper science and management in the Gulf of Mexico.

National Ocean Service Carol-Ann Manen, Erik Zobrist, John Iliff, James Jeansonne, Robert E. Ransom, Joseph D’Felio, Jerry A. Britton, Cheryl Scannel, James Harold Hudson: For professional excellence in developing and implementing the Mona Island Coral Reef Restoration project.

OAR/Office of NOAA Corps Operations Meteorological Applications and Assessment Division, Aircraft Opera- tions Center: For the extraordinary response to NOAA’s call to study and forecast the unusual weather associated with this past winter’s severe El Niño.

Office of Finance and Administration Rudolph J. Dominic: For outstanding leadership in the improvement of financial management in NOAA.

Thomas M. Wrublewski, Gustave J. Comeyne, Ronald J. Hooker, Gregory P. Johnson, Kathleen A. Kelly, Steven P. Pirkner, Cyril A. Settles, Howard J. Singer, Michael A. Suranno, Timothy J. Walsh: For management excellence resulting in the uncontested award of a potentially $900 million contract for the

NWS Forecast Office, Portland, Me.; NWS Office, Burlington, Vt.: For exceptional public service and dedication to duty during the Winter Ice Storm of 1998.

NWS Forecast Office, Jackson, Ky.: For exceptional leadership through team excellence in furthering DOC and


Office of the General Counsel Karen K. Davidson, Phillip J. Clapham, Karl D. Gleaves, Doris M. Kohler, Patricia E. Kraniotis, Alma J. Lyons, Craig N. McLean, Patricia A. Montanio, P. Michael Payne, Patricia A.

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