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January 1999 / NOAA Report

Simms, Patricia Thorne: For outstand- ing team effort to obtain domestic and international approval of a mandatory ship reporting system for the protection of highly endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

Sharon K. Shutler, Brian E. Julius, George P. Schmahl: For negotiation of a settlement for restoration of 8,300 square meters of coral reef and a Florida Keys warning system to prevent large vessel groundings.

Thanh M. Trinh, Dona R. Cocking, Anthony L. Mercadante: For creating and implementing an outstanding environmental remediation and public health program which is used as a blueprint for NOAA’s National Environ- mental Compliance Program.

Office of Finance and Administration Teri L. Knox, Janette M. Labbee, Donna L. Rimmer, Vanassa M. Rucker- Barner, Patricia Devine Stone, Judith M. Swezy: For extraordinary contribu- tions toward the success of the Department’s bankcard program.

Rick Rehrl, Rose Lynam: For creating the NOAA Personal Property Home Page, a centralized virtual site accessible to OFA customers and providing a tool for CFO compliance and reporting.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Britt Bassett, Carol Bateman, David Clark, Richard Fritz, Kent Groninger, Phyllis Gunn, James Holitza, Klaus Liedtke, Robert J. Mahler, Donald Mock, Larry Mooney, James Peterson, Rex Powell, David Speich, Bobby L. Trotter, Charles Van Valin, Dennis Wellman, John Welsh, Thomas Van Zandt: In recognition of the men and women who served on the Boulder Building Committee for their scientific and engineering achievements which culminated in a state-of-the-art facility where world-class environmental research will be conducted.

John A. Calder: For innovative and energetic leadership and skilled manage- ment of the 1997-1998 El Niño Response Program.

Edward J. Dlugokency: For outstanding research in detecting a decline in the global growth rate of methane, signify-

ing a limit on this greenhouse gas which affects climate and the ozone layer.

Helen C. Horton: For outstanding contributions to the Environmental Research Laboratories in support of the mission of the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research.

Kenneth W. Howard: For leadership and extraordinary effort leading to the “Powers of Nature” traveling museum exhibition.

Kenneth P. Moran: For unique engi- neering skills that provided the Nation with the MilliMeter Cloud Radar which advanced state-of-the-art cloud model- ing worldwide.

Thomas Francis Nalepa: For outstanding leadership and unique scientific contribu- tions to the aquatic nuisance (non- indigenous) species research program.

Thomas W. Schlatter, Stanley G. Benjamin, John M. Brown, Geoffrey J. DiMego, Lauren L. Morone, Barry E. Schwartz: For the development of the Rapid Update Cycle version 2, an hourly analysis and prediction system, and its implementation into operations at NCEP.

Taneil Uttal: For outstanding leadership in bringing together an unprecedented concentration of multi-agency instru- ments and scientists for the SHEBA experiment.

Office of NOAA Corps Operations John C. Albright: For demonstrating outstanding leadership and achievement in the management of NOAA’s ship operations.

Alan D. Anderson: For leadership in commanding the NOAA Hydrographic Surveying Ship Rainier.

Melvin A. Asato, Robert C. Wilmot: For leadership and management skills in consolidating the NOAA Fleet Pacific and Atlantic Marine Centers’ Electronics and Marine Engineering Divisions.

Carol A. Baldwin, Dale F. Burgin, Diane H. Cantrell, Gloria D. Thomp- son: For planning and executing the commissioning ceremony of the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter.

Jo Anne Bowman, Joan R. Langhans: For personal and professional excellence


in support of the Atlantic and Pacific Marine Centers.

NOAA Aircraft Operations Center: For achieving continuous and multiple fight operations through Hurricane Georges and providing critical data which saved lives and greatly reduced property damage in the U. S. Coastal areas.

National Marine Fisheries Service Gregory James Bryant, Lance Kruzic, James M. Lynch, Stephen H. Smith: For outstanding leadership, teamwork, and management in securing protective harvest and hatchery measures for conservation of steelhead in Oregon and California.

Hilda Diaz-Soltero, Laurel Bryant, Wanda L. Cain, Elizabeth F. Edwards, Judson J. Feder, Peter Hill, Martin B. Hochman, James H. Lecky, J. Allison Routt, Michael F. Tillman: For leadership, innovation, and implementation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act to improve the Conservation of Marine Resources in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.

Peter H. Dygert: For outstanding leadership in negotiating the 1998 Columbia River fishing agreement between the Indian tribes, Fish Manage- ment Plan and the States of Washington and Oregon.

Elizabeth Holmes Gaar, Daniel J. Avery, Mark Eames, Ronald L. Linland, Lance W. Smith, Michael P. Tehan: For leadership, teamwork, and management development of procedures for stream- lined consultations required under the Endangered Species Act.

Christopher Mantzaris, Mary A. Colligan, John F. Kocik: For innovative strategies for protection of Atlantic Salmon utilizing the flexibility of the Endangered Species Act and collabora- tion with stakeholders.

Paul J. Rago, Thomas R. Azarovitz, John K. Galbraith, Victor A. Nordahl, James R. Weinberg: For development of improved resource surveying and assessment approaches including industry/government partnerships.

Christian J. Schoppmeyer: For develop- ing and implementing the state contracts enforcement program in the Northeast

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